Yoga for Athletes


A bespoke yoga class specifically designed for athletes of all backgrounds, (from rock climbers, cyclists, footballers, rugby players, runners to bodybuilders), who are looking to improve themselves in their respective sport. This workshop will focus on the benefits of a yoga practice to enhance the physical and mental performance of athletes, as well as reducing the risk of injuries and helping in the recovery of existing ones.
The sequences are specially designed for the needs of athletes, promoting mobility and flexibility with awareness on joint stability, working on strengthening agonistic and antagonistic muscles, developing balance and body positioning skills, as well as tapping into mindfulness, with breathing and concentration exercises, which are useful tools for improving an athlete’s head game.


Sunday, 3rd February from 2pm to 4pm.


Sports people from all levels and backgrounds.

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Present Health, 103 Goods Station Road, TN1 2DP Royal Tunbridge Wells.