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Blokfest Yoga Sessions

We have teamed up with Blokfest and HarroWall to deliver 4 FREE special sessions to help you to warm up and cool down during Blokfest’s 2019 first round. On Saturday, 16th November, Climb & Yoga will be delivering 2 sessions prior the start of the Senior’s Comp and 2 at the end. The first 2 … Continue reading Blokfest Yoga Sessions

Advance your Asana – Backbends

As well as being super fun and uplifting, backbends come with many great benefits. They open the front of the body, stretching pectoral, abdominal and hip muscles, as well as helping with improving your posture, keeping the spine healthy and mobile. However, when practised incorrectly, backbends may do more harm than good! In this workshop … Continue reading Advance your Asana – Backbends