“Sandra Berlin is an exceptional instructor and I cannot praise her qualities enough. I always feel I am being treated at a personal level and she is attentive, understanding and extremely expert. One of the best coaches in any field I have worked with.” Keith Liddiard


“Sandra is a wonderful instructor! I first tried a combined climbing and yoga session with a friend at VauxWall Climbing and totally loved it. My technique has improved, and the yoga stretches and mindset have complemented it very effectively. When the Climb & Yoga Day Retreat at Bowles came up, I jumped on the opportunity to climb outdoors. It was an excellent day out with Sandra and Catherine, two strong women whose passion for what they do is so inspiring. They gave us helpful tips and lots of encouragement. We had a great small group, a healthy lunch and lots of time on the beautiful sandstone. I highly recommend checking out one of Sandra’s sessions. Can’t wait for another day out at Bowles.”                                         Neena Jain


“Sandra is an absolutely inspirational climbing coach! When she was working at Vauxwall she led the women’s social, whereby she helped me progress from VB to V3/4 in no time at all. She’s not the kind of coach that screams at you to ‘top it!’, but offers you insightful and useful beta (if you want it) and encourages you to go for holds because she knows you’re capable of it. I can’t recommend Sandra enough. Warm, friendly and approachable, she offered me climbing tips both in and out of sessions. Furthermore, she is an incredibly strong (and flexible) female climber which in a world dominated by topless, screaming men is truly a breath of fresh air and inspires women (like me) to take their climbing to the next level. Thank you Sandra for all of your hard work!!!”
Kira Shan-Mae R


“…… It is really good to focus on a few postures and get them right. Sandra clearly knows what she is doing. I feel I am improving and shoulders are starting to feel stronger. Thanks”
Alex Gillespie


“I love Sandra’s yoga classes. Each week she focuses on different areas and she gives us variations on the same poses which allows us to progress through to the full position. I feel that even in these few weeks I have progressed well. Thank you Sandra!”                                                                        Katrina Redman


“Have attended 4 sessions now and after the last one felt so different! Relaxed, walking with a different posture, almost floating, and very calm.. I drove home at the speed limit and even found my blood pressure much lower the following morning. Result!”
Andrew Nisbet