“Joining the Climb and Yoga classes has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The challenging yet approachable yoga classes led by the C&Y team, along with the unmissable climbing tips have massively improved both my physical and mental ability. This has allowed me to move forward in both disciplines, for which I am immensely grateful. And I’ve made some incredible friendships along the way! Couldn’t ask for more.” 

Ashley D

“Just had 3 days climbing and yoga with Sandra (Dolomites Retreat). I’ve been doing yoga for 20 years but I can honestly say these were the best classes I’ve ever done. There was something for everyone. Highly highly recommend her classes. If I wasn’t in Scotland I would be going to them regularly . Namaste Sandra you rock” 

Mandy A

We had the most fantastic experience yesterday with Sandra and Stuart. The day was really well planned and we felt welcomed and relaxed. Rock climbing was a new experience for us and Stuart our coach was just great!

We knew we were in safe hands and he was so positive and encouraging giving us the confidence to reach beyond what we thought we could do. Fighting off the limitations that living with Parkinson’s tries to impose on me presents daily challenges . To meet people like Stuart and Sandra who allowed me to be included and to have a go means a lot to me. Thank you both.

Jackie C

“I attended Sandra’s workshop at the Castle. As someone who isn’t super au fait with yoga I instantly felt at ease and really enthused about the workshop. Sandra is an enthusiastic, warm and very open person. The workshop was really enjoyable and her teaching very thorough and engaging. I felt great at the end of it and really fired-up to do more which to that point I’d never really experienced with yoga having only dabbled in a few classes here and there, looking for the right thing. I’m only sorry that it was just two hours long and that she teaches too far away for me to get to!” 

Helen W

“Sandra is an absolutely inspirational climbing coach! When she was working at Vauxwall she led the women’s social, whereby she helped me progress from VB to V3/4 in no time at all. She’s not the kind of coach that screams at you to ‘top it!’, but offers you insightful and useful beta (if you want it) and encourages you to go for holds because she knows you’re capable of it. I can’t recommend Sandra enough. Warm, friendly and approachable, she offered me climbing tips both in and out of sessions. Furthermore, she is an incredibly strong (and flexible) female climber which in a world dominated by topless, screaming men is truly a breath of fresh air and inspires women (like me) to take their climbing to the next level. Thank you Sandra for all of your hard work!!!” 

Kira S-M

“I’ve been practising yoga with Sandra for a some months now, and I can honestly say she’s amazing! Such a skilled, perceptive, encouraging and friendly instructor. I cherish my weekly class and each time I leave feeling energised and empowered! Whether we work on specific poses or flow the classes are great fun, challenging and encompassing. Awesome!”

Jo Q

“Sandra Berlin is an exceptional instructor and I cannot praise her qualities enough. I always feel I am being treated at a personal level and she is attentive, understanding and extremely expert. One of the best coaches in any field I have worked with.”

Keith L

“Sandra is a wonderful instructor! I first tried a combined climbing and yoga session with a friend at VauxWall Climbing and totally loved it. My technique has improved, and the yoga stretches and mindset have complemented it very effectively. When the Climb & Yoga Day Retreat at Bowles came up, I jumped on the opportunity to climb outdoors. It was an excellent day out with Sandra and Catherine, two strong women whose passion for what they do is so inspiring. They gave us helpful tips and lots of encouragement. We had a great small group, a healthy lunch and lots of time on the beautiful sandstone. I highly recommend checking out one of Sandra’s sessions. Can’t wait for another day out at Bowles.”

Neena J

I had an amazing climb and yoga weekend away with Sandra! Our morning classes were the perfect way to get our bodies prepared for a day of climbing, and the evening sessions were just the best for stretching out and recovering for the next day… Climbing and yoga is such a great combination and Sandra is a master at both!!

Erin N

“…… It is really good to focus on a few postures and get them right. Sandra clearly knows what she is doing. I feel I am improving and shoulders are starting to feel stronger. Thanks” 

Alex G

“I love Sandra’s yoga classes. Each week she focuses on different areas and she gives us variations on the same poses which allows us to progress through to the full position. I feel that even in these few weeks I have progressed well. Thank you Sandra!”             

Katrina R
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