Sandra Berlin

Sandra is an experienced and passionate rock climbing coach and yoga teacher.

She has been climbing since 2007 and 4 years later, she decided to quit her role as a Marketing and Events Manager for a music festival to dedicate her life to climbing, working as an instructor/coach, route setter, duty and operations manager at various walls across the South East of England.

Sandra has been practising yoga for over 15 years, and she is a Yoga Alliance qualified teacher.

Over the years she has dedicated herself to teaching yoga to a wide range of people, mostly climbers, helping them to discover its benefits to support and improve their own climbing.

Her Yoga for Climbers sessions consist of sequences specially designed for the needs of climbers, working on strengthening agonistic and antagonistic muscles, developing balance and body positioning skills, flexibility and mindfulness, with breathing and concentration exercises which are useful tools for improving a climber’s head game. They aim to encourage climbers to start developing a home practice with correct alignment and technique, avoiding the risk of injury.

My yoga practice is well reflected in the way I climb and teach climbing, with detailed attention to perfect technique and body awareness.

Sandra is also a full-time mum! 🙂