Climb + Yoga On-Demand

Wish to practice with us but can’t make it to our live classes?

Fear not! You can now access our online classes whenever you like, as often as you like, with Climb + Yoga On Demand. New classes added every week.*

All you need to do is click on the “Buy Now” button to enter you payment details, each class costs £2.50. We will then email you the link to access the class of your choice as often as you like. Do make sure you type your email address correctly!

Yoga for Better Balance

Work on your balance and proprioception skills with this playful sequence created to help you to understand and master the mechanics of keeping yourself stable in challenging balancing postures.

Upper Body Strengthen Flow!

Targeting rock climbing antagonist muscles of shoulders, arms and even our fingers. 

Open Your Heart to Backbends!

Enjoy this fun and challenging practice exploring your spine’s range of mobility, opening the front of your body, and deepening your backbends practice. For this class, you will need 2 yoga blocks, a blanket and a strap. Enjoy!

Yoga for a Healthy Spine

Explore your spine’s range of mobility, freeing and strengthening the muscles around it.

Core Powah!

Dynamic sequence created to strengthen your abs and all the muscles around it!

Happy Stretchy

A yummy slow flow for your shoulders, hips and legs.

Happy Hips!

A sequence designed with hips in mind. Improve your hips mobility and strength with some isometric work, followed by a dynamic flow and some tasty stretches.

It’s Leg Day! Pt. 2

A slower, stretchier flow for our tired hard working lower limbs.

It’s Leg Day!

Our lower limbs are often overlooked when it comes to climbing. But they do play a hugely important role when standing on tiny footholds, performing heel and toe hooks. This sequence was designed with keeping hips and legs strong and mobile in mind.

Find Your Balance

Balance isn’t about being still and stable – it’s about movement, and the constant, minute adjustments you need to make within your body to stay in place. From teetering on tiny footholds on a slab, to something as simple as stepping from one foot to another, we rely on our ability to balance all the time. This is a fun and creative balance-focused class to help you move with intention and find stillness within motion.

Yoga for “Desking”

With so many of us not doing much climbing, but actually a lot of “desking”, this class was created with counteracting this side effect of lockdown life in mind. Opening the front of the body, working on your posture, releasing the neck and back muscles, and strengthening core and glutes. Have your blanket and yoga blocks at the ready and enjoy!

* Yoga is for everyone. However, when online it is up to the individual to assess whether they are ready for the class that they have chosen. If you suffer from a specific injury or are managing a condition it is your responsibility to consider whether or not this practice is right for you.
Climb & Yoga Ltd assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practising our online classes.