Yoga for Climbers at HarroWall

Yoga for Climbers

Suitable for all levels of yogis/climbers, these classes are specially designed for the needs of climbers, promoting healthy mobility/flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness as well as mindfulness, with helpful exercises to enhance concentration and harmony between mind and body.  On Mondays from 6pm and Wednesdays from 6.30pm, there is also a bouldering social with … Continue reading Yoga for Climbers

Private Tuition

Private lessons are tailored to your individual needs whether you are a beginner or an intermediate yogi or climber. They are a perfect way to learn the basics, deepen your existing skills or to work towards a particular goal. Lessons are available for up to 2 participants. Please, do get in touch for further details … Continue reading Private Tuition

Climb and yoga at Kingdom

Yoga for Sports

Run by Sandra, Body Mechanics is a unique alignment focused class designed especially for sporty people wishing to improve their physical and mental performance through strengthening yoga. Sandra will work on flexibility with awareness on joint stability, strengthening connective tissues as well as antagonistic muscles. Promoting injury prevention and recovery. When Mondays – 8pm to … Continue reading Yoga for Sports