Yoga for Core Strength

A short sequence to help build up core strength A strong core will not only help you to keep your feet on the wall when climbing steep stuff but it will also help you with avoiding lower back pain, developing better balance and posture. Join Sandra for this short but fun sequence designed to help … Continue reading Yoga for Core Strength

King Arthur Sandra Berlin

A Noble Stretch

Have you heard of the psoas? This is a major hip flexor muscle located deep in the core, connecting your spine to your legs. Due to the nature of our sport, tight psoas is very common amongst climbers. Tightness in the psoas will greatly affect your posture, causing pain in the lower back and pelvis. … Continue reading A Noble Stretch

Heron pose Krounchasana Sandra Berlin

Heron Pose

I often call Heron Pose (or Krounchasana) the ultimate hamstring stretcher, as it is a great, and deep, way to open the back of your legs. Heron can be quite tricky for people with tight hamstrings, but there are a number of variations we can work on still achieving the same benefits this pose has … Continue reading Heron Pose

Mandukasana Frog Pose Sandra Berlin

Frog it!

Hip flexibility comes with a number of advantages. It will not only enhance your climbing performance by improving your range of motion, but it also contributes to the health of your body. It promotes better posture and releases the load on the spine caused by tight hips, reducing the risk of lower back pain. There … Continue reading Frog it!

A chilled out way of working on your posture

 This is a posture I often use at the start of my classes and my students love it! It is relaxing. You are lying on the floor, grounding yourself, setting up for class..... But the great thing about it is that this is also a lovely chest opener, ideal to gently relieve upper back pain … Continue reading A chilled out way of working on your posture

Dolphin Sandra Berlin


I love Dolphin! It is great to strengthen our upper body, helping us to prepare for a number of inversions. Think headstands and forearm balances! As a climber, practicing Dolphin will offer some excellent benefits, such as strengthening antagonistic muscles on the shoulders and the triceps; opening the upper torso (chest, shoulders and armpits) and … Continue reading Dolphin

Garudasana Sandra Berlin

Tie yourself in knots with Garudasana – From Chair to Eagle Pose, a strong leg workout

For my first asana blog of 2018 I chose not one but 2 poses: Utkatasana (Chair Pose) and  Garudasana (Eagle pose). I love sequencing them together, so I thought it would make sense having them both here. These poses are great for strengthening the legs and hip flexors, stretching the shoulders and working on concentration … Continue reading Tie yourself in knots with Garudasana – From Chair to Eagle Pose, a strong leg workout

Warrior 2 Virabhadrasana II Sandra Berlin

Build up resilience and open up your hips with Warrior II

From one of my least it became one of my favourite standing poses! Back to the time I had my right ACL reconstructed this was a key pose to help me to get back to full recovery.  Virabhadrasana II, or Warrior 2, is considered a beginner’s pose but don't be fooled, it's more complex than … Continue reading Build up resilience and open up your hips with Warrior II