No Props, No Probs

Whether you are travelling or stuck at home during lockdown, the lack of props shouldn’t stop your restorative yoga practice.

Look at what you can find around the house, or your hotel room. The possibilities are endless with a little bit of imagination!

Need some inspiration? Check out Sandra’s ideas from one of her trips this summer.

This chest became the perfect head rest for a supported Triangle (Trikonasana). Work on keeping the hips levelled and a neutral spine.

A rolled up fluffy towel placed under the upper back, right where the shoulder blades end, will work as a perfect replacement to a bolster or blanket for a delicious supine heart opener.

Don’t have a yoga block handy? Sandra used a large briquette she found by the fireplace :-). A little messy, but it worked for her. For your supported Supta Padangusthasana, you could use a pile of books (or a very thick one), a sturdy box, a Tupperware etc.

That same briquette, wrapped around that lovely fluffy towel, worked beautifully as a block for supported bridge!

And finally, there’s nothing better for tired legs than finishing your session with them raised up on a wall or on a chair or a bench.

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